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When it comes to moving or relocating, packing becomes the one challenge that might tire you in just thoughts. Regardless of how close or far you are relocating, you have to go through the entire process of shifting. So, if you are looking to relocate anywhere near or around Northern Virginia, Washington DC, you have come to the right place. We are renowned for our top class moving and packing services in Northern Virginia. Our experts have all round experience in helping you move with everything you have without you even lifting a finger. Be it any fragile item you own or regular home equipment, we can help you relocate it to your new place in the same condition.

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Home Moving

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Moving houses in Washington DC can be tough and emotional but above all, it is tiring. During this time, you can use the support of professional movers and packers in Washington DC like Great Scott Moving. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

Office Relocation​

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Office relocation is one of the most challenging parts of any business. Finding the right kind of movers and packers is very crucial and that is where we jump in. Our expertise in office relocation can help ease the process while providing excellent services at affordable prices.


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In addition to the moving and packing services in Washington DC, we are also renowned for our storage facilities. Right from the storage containers to packing stuff up, we can be trusted with everything. So, if you are looking for a storage facility, all you have to do is contact us.

We take the stress out of moving!

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We treat our customers’ belongings as if they were our own. That’s why our highly trained, full-time packers and movers get such rave reviews. Our secure storage facility is a safe place for our customers’ belongings, and our insured and trained employees take great pride in their works. What do our customers say about their experiences with Serenity Movers?

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Are you planning to move? Are you worried about how? We have all the answers you need.
We understand how stressful the entire move can be. We along with the team of expert movers and packers in Northern VA help ease that and lift the weight off your shoulder, literally. We have made our name by serving clients all across the country. Our pledge to make the move convenient and easy has made us renowned for our moving and packing services in Northern VA. With our history of moving in every part of the city, right from the tight stairwells of Capitol Hill rowhouses to the vintage & historic residences at the Watergate building.

We offer our services to anyone who is looking forward to moving in and around Northern VA. So, if you are planning a move and are worried about how? Just give us a call or fill in the inquiry form.

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We take the stress out of moving!


Some buildings management’s require you to reserve the elevator in advance, and many buildings do not permit you to move on weekends or use there primary tenant elevators. Please advise us as to the schedule you have reserved for your elevator.
Your complete satisfaction, and the satisfaction of your future referrals, is our foremost reason for being in business. If you are not pleased with our service, we would appreciate your telling us so. Occasionally, unforeseen problems may delay our schedule with you, or prolong a move beyond it’s original estimation. Please understand that this is not intended. We do our best to resolve immediately any problems we encounter, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Hoisting and furniture disassembly. Surcharges sometimes apply for hoisting, depending on your needs. We try to provide our trucks with the necessary tools for all basic furniture dis-assembly, so let us know if you have something particularly unique. It may require us to do our estimate in person.
Great Scott Moving provides with every move insurance at the industry standard of $.60 per pound per article. However, our reputation has been built by our doing thousands of moves without any damage. If you wish, we can offer additional value-rated coverage at the rate of $10 per $1000 of actual value, with NO deductible applied, limited to $50,000 per cargo load. Please give us several days notice as to what your additional insurance needs will be, so that we can send you the proper certificates.

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