Moving FAQs

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Elevators »
Some buildings management's require you to reserve the elevator in advance, and many buildings do not permit you to move on weekends or use there primary tenant elevators. Please advise us as to the schedule you have reserved for your elevator.
Guarantee »
Your complete satisfaction, and the satisfaction of your future referrals, is our foremost reason for being in business. If you are not pleased with our service, we would appreciate your telling us so. Occasionally, unforeseen problems may delay our schedule with you, or prolong a move beyond it's original estimation. Please understand that this is not intended. We do our best to resolve immediately any problems we encounter, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Hoisting »
Hoisting and furniture disassembly. Surcharges sometimes apply for hoisting, depending on your needs. We try to provide our trucks with the necessary tools for all basic furniture dis-assembly, so let us know if you have something particularly unique. It may require us to do our estimate in person.
Insurance »
Great Scott Moving provides with every move insurance at the industry standard of $.60 per pound per article. However, our reputation has been built by our doing thousands of moves without any damage. If you wish to purchase additional insurance for your move, please call us at 301-699-2066.
Large Items »
Hoisting and furniture disassembly. Surcharges sometimes apply for hoisting, depending on your needs. We try to provide our trucks with the necessary tools for all basic furniture disassembly, so let us know if you have something particularly unique. It may require us to do our estimate in person.
Packing Supplies »
Great Scott Moving can provide you with a professional packing service at a lower rate from our moving service, when performed prior to your move. If you request our packing services on moving day, the packing rate is the same as our rate for moving. For those who prefer to pack themselves, we can deliver to you your packing materials and you need not pay for them until the completion of you move. Free delivery is available several days a week (20 box minimum), or you may pick up supplies at 3409 52nd Ave., Hyattsville, MD. It is our recommendation that you use packing materials consistent with your desire to protect the quality of your goods. If you wish to use your own boxes, be sure they can be sealed top to bottom, and that they are strong enough and not over packed (i.e. records and books should not be put in boxes originally designed for paper towels or tissue). Try also to use boxes similar in size, as they will be easier and safer to stack. Clearly label all fragile boxes accordingly (see packing instructions). We cannot assume responsibility for damage to fragile items in a box not clearly marked as such.
  • BOOK BOXES-(1.67 cf)-$1.50-For books, records (upright), flatware and small kitchen items, and also small fragile items. If packing small sets of dishes or breakables, pad the bottom of the box with three inches of wadded newsprint and wrap all breakables individually. Use the "tuck and roll" method with the packing of cups, glasses, etc. Plates must be stacked vertically. Pack everything tightly.
  • LINEN BOXES-(3.1 cf)-$2.25-Not just for linens and blankets, but for pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, lampshades, baskets, and other lightweight medium-bulky items. Please do not put books or records in these boxes.
  • WARDROBES-$15.00-One wardrobe will fit up to 3 linear feet of closet space. The cost of three or four wardrobes is less than what you'd spend to dry-clean the clothes you are protecting.
  • PACKING PAPER-$25.00/ream-Clean newsprint will protect your dishes and other fragile or scratchable items. Use generously.
  • TAPE-$2.50/roll-Plastic packing tape, for the tops and bottoms of all your boxes. Masking, cellophane, and duct tape should not be used. Don't apply the tape to the surface of your furniture items, such as desk of file drawers. The tape's adhesive may leave a residue, or it may strip the paint or stain.
Packing Instructions »
  • MISCELLANEOUS KITCHEN-Seal cleaning supplies tightly. Small appliances should be packed in linen boxes or dish barrels. Refrigerators should be defrosted and their trays removed. Perishable and glass items should be labeled and marked accordingly. Tape brooms, mops, etc. together.
  • CLOTHING-Dressers do not need to be emptied. But remove all fragile and breakable items prior to your move. For hanging clothes, we can provide you with the necessary rental wardrobe boxes.
  • OFFICE-Books and papers must be packed only in book boxes. The contents of desks should be emptied, as we cannot be liable for damage or loss to their contents while in transit. Sturdy metal file cabinets can be left full. Wooden and lateral file cabinets must be emptied, unless the move is in-house and will not involve stairs.
  • BEDROOMS-We can disassemble beds and cribs (except water-beds), remove and pack mirrors, remove air conditioners from windows, etc., all as a normal part of any move. We can also reassemble these items. However please note that the time we spend on any disassembly or reassembly is not computed in our estimate, and that we cannot be held responsible for complications, delays, or lack of proper tools. Let us know in advance if you've any special requests or need any special tools.
  • PICTURES & MIRRORS-Consolidate into one area out of the lane of moving traffic, or leave on your walls. Please do not put into plastic bags. NOTE: We cannot assume responsibility for frameless prints and mirrors other than $.60 per pound per article.
  • LAMPS-Shades and globes must be removed and packed. We cannot be liable for damage to these if left unpacked. We pad all lamps.
  • PLANTS-As plants are extremely vulnerable to changes in environment and temperature, we cannot assume liability for them. We will move them as carefully as we can, but we strongly recommend that you move valuable plants yourself.
  • STEREOS,COMPUTERS,VCRs,ETC.-If you are unable to use your original boxes, we can pack them. For moves of greater than 25 miles, our liability is limited to $.60 per pound per article without the purchase of additional insurance.
  • CLOCKS-Weights, pendulums and chimes should be packed separately; chains should be secured in place.
  • WASHERS,DRYERS,STOVES-Couplings should be disconnected, but our crew can perform this task if requested in advance. We cannot, however, be held responsible for damage to housings, hoses or pipes.
  • PROPANE GRILLS-We cannot transport propane tanks attached to barbeque grills, and we cannot detach them for you. Please remove the tanks from the grills before moving day.
  • FLAMMABLES & FIREARMS-Our apologies, but we are not licensed to move these items.
Payment »
Unless otherwise arranged in advance, payment is expected before or upon receipt of your goods, in the form of cash or check. For local moves in the D.C. area, personal checks are accepted if drawn on a local bank. We currently do not accept credit cards. Gratuities are accepted as an expression of your satisfaction and are not an obligation.
Pianos »
With years of piano moving experience, we welcome the challenge of moving any piano. Your piano can be moved as part of a complete household move included in the hourly rate of the move, or as a single item. Please call GSM for rates on single piano moves. (Based on facility of access to and from moving locations, i.e. difficult stairwells.)
Telephones »
In the event that we'll need to reach you on moving day, we advise continuing service at your old address through the day following your move. The telephone company is usually able to begin service at your new address one or two days before you move in, provided they are given at least one week's notice.